• MENA Climate Change
    MENA CC is a research initiative focused to examine and analyze the implications of climate change and energy
    prospects within the MENA region. Soaring energy demand driven by rapid population growth, increasing
    urbanization and water desalination, are driving the region to burn growing amounts of its
    hydrocarbon production to sustain this fast economic development.
  • The Environmental Solutions Initiative mobilizes the substantial scientific, engineering, policy, and design
    capacity of MIT to create solutions totoday’s environmental challenges through diverse
    activities in education, research, and convening.
  • Urban metabolism is the study of material and energy flows arising from urban socioeconomic activities and regional
    and global biogeochemical processes.The characterization of these flows and the relationships
    between anthropogenic urban activities and natural processes and cycles defines
    the behavior of urban production and consumption.

Middle East Energy Typology


Saudi Arabia Tells OPEC It Cut Oil Output by Most in Eight Years

The kingdom reported that it reduced output by 717,600 barrels a day last month to 9.748 million a day, according to a monthly report from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

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A New Plan to Support Action on Climate Change in the Middle East and North Africa

This is the new normal of extreme weather caused by climate change in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). As global temperatures rise, they will rise event faster in MENA.

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Climate change could make parts of the Middle East and North Africa ‘uninhabitable’

The Middle East and North Africa could become “uninhabitable” from climate change impacts over the course of the 21st Century, researchers have warned, due to the adverse effects of climate change.

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