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Algeria is the largest natural gas producer and second largest oil producer, after Nigeria, in Africa. The country is considered a net energy exporter, as it is an important producer of hydrocarbons and exports large amounts of natural gas to Europe. In 2012, Algeria produced a total amount of 143,764 Ktoe of energy. The main energy sources are crude oil (49.5%) and natural gas (50.4%). According to the MENA Renewables status report 2013 by REN21 the installed capacity of Photovoltaics (PV) was 7.1 MW in 2010 and 25 MW in 2012 of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP). Algeria's total final consumption (TFC) has been steadily increasing in recent years. While in 2010 the energy consumption added up to around 31,500 ktoe, in 2013 it had increased to 38,543 ktoe that represents an increase of 22% in just three years.

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